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Cocktail & Dessert Hour

At Chateau Bourbon, you can drink your bourbon and eat it too. Resident innkeeper Carol doesn’t drink bourbon (can you BELIEVE that?!) but she sure as heck can cook with it. Creating down-home desserts that compliment the sweetness and flavor profile of Kentucky bourbon are her specialty! Whether she’s adding a rich bourbon caramel sauce atop her grandmother’s old-fashioned skillet apple pie or hand-dipping her famous bourbon toffee truffles in Ghirardelli chocolate, Carol is a master of bourbon confections!

As avid bourbon drinkers, John and Missy will happily mix you up a refreshing bourbon cocktail. Whether it's a classic bourbon drink such as a Manhattan or Old Fashioned, or a more creative use of bourbon and ingredients such as fresh herbs, fruit, or homemade mixtures, we'll quench your bourbon thirst. 

Happy hour is from 5-7pm nightly.